AmeriPlan introduces the AmeriPlan Cadillac Club!

Jan 16

AmeriPlan introduces the AmeriPlan Cadillac Club!

Everyone can Drive a Cadillac!

Cadillac was founded in 1902 and has set the standard of luxury in American automobiles since establishing itself as America’s premier luxury car in 1909.

The Cadillac CTS is a fantastic luxury sports sedan and coupe. It was first introduced in 2002 as a 2003 model, replacing the Cadillac Catera. Among its rivals include/d the Audi, BMW, Jaguar  and the Mercedes-Benz.

Picture yourself in this Luxurious White Diamond Sports Sedan or Coupe with Titanium Colored Leather Interior and bearing a small, elegant AmeriPlan logo. Take great pleasure and pride in driving this beautiful vehicle, knowing that because of your efforts you need not be concerned about the burden of a monthly payment.

Here’s how you can be a member of AmeriPlan’s prestigious Cadillac Club and put yourself behind the wheel of this outstanding automobile.


1)   Be a member of the $25,000 President’s Club

2)   Have $7,500 in personal sales MR (monthly Revenue)

3)   Have $5,000 in 1st level (@ 15%) MR(monthly Revenue)

4)   Have $2,500 in 2nd level (@ 10%) MR(monthly Revenue)

Cadillac Rules  Expanded to Include Member Enrollers

As of July 1, 2012

The requirements for (#3) 1st and (#4) 2nd Levels in option (#1) are waived for the Member Enroller Cadillac program if you meet

the Personal Monthly Revenue (MR) and are a member of the $25,000 President’s Club.

Personal Monthly Revenue                        IBO Pays                              Ameriplan pays

24,000 and above                                             0%                                          100%

16,000 to 23,999                                                33 1/3%                                66 2/3%

8,000 to 15,999                                                  66 2/3%                                33 1/3%

Less than 8,000                                                 100%                                     0%

Once you have reached all qualifying levels Ameriplan will make arrangements for you to take delivery of your new Cadillac at a local dealership, which we will record on video. The monthly lease payments will be made directly to the lender each month by Ameriplan.

  • There are no options available on vehicle choice other than Sedan or Coupe.
  • Attendance at Ameriplan’s National Convention is required.

*A ‘snapshot’ of your business is taken at each month end:

*If your MR (monthly revenue) drops below the required amount in any one area Ameriplan will make your payment that month but, one third of the monthly payment amount will be deducted from your Trust Account

*If your MR (monthly revenue) drops below the required amount in two of the areas Ameriplan will make your payment that month but, two thirds of the monthly payment amount will be deducted from your Trust Account

*If your MR (monthly revenue) drops below the required amount in all three areas Ameriplan will make your payment that month but, the entire monthly payment amount will be deducted from your Trust Account

You may choose not to participate in the Cadillac Club. There will be no equivalent compensatory offerings and you will not be recognized as a Cadillac Club member..

Let us know what you think of our new AmeriPlan Cadillac Club with a comment below and make sure you get one!

Also, have a look at the fun video below created by Janie Jones, National Vice President of AmeriPlan.


  1. SO EXCITED about this new club!!! Thank you AmeriPlan for all you do for us!! What an amazing incentive!! I look forward to seeing thousands of team members driving their “Caddys”!!

  2. Thank you AmeriPlan for this AMAZING Cadillac program! I haven’t been able to sleep since it was announced. I am SO very grateful for all that you do to help us design beautiful lives for ourselves and our families. I love AmeriPlan!!

  3. After two years of working my Ameriplan business, I bought my dream car which was a Cadillac (Escalade)..Thanks to my Ameriplan business.

    Now, I get the opportunity to WIN a luxurious Sports Sedan or Coupe and it’s FREE. The Cadillacs just keep on Thank you for the car program. Now everybody will be able to receive an opportunity to drive a luxury car. Dreams do come true in Ameriplan.

  4. WOW Ameriplan really delivers on the promise. D and D never ceases to amaze me. To provide us with this car for doing what we already should be doing is a true blessing. It shows that this company is FOR US!!! I LOVE AMERIPLAN SO MUCH!!!

  5. I love this!!! Cant wait to get mine :) thank you Ameriplan! 2012 is going to ROCK!

  6. Kelly Fuller /

    Ameriplan has done it again. They’ve taken us places that others dream of. We have the “Vehicle” for building a life of our own design.

    This is the year we see unprecedented growth in Ameriplan. Let’s go get it!

    Excited about this program!

  7. Ameriplan is constantly pushing the envelope and redefining the American Dream to an enhanced dream lifestyle thank you D &D.

  8. SunAe and I got the keys for our new Cadillac CTS on August 6th and have fallen in love with it. SunAe has driven it once and I have not driven any of the other cars since. Click on my name above to see our 1st Vacation to the Beach in the new AmeriPlan Cadillac.

  9. Angie Davis /

    Great video, Ameriplan rocks. I am a new IBO. I want to be a part of the Cadillac club. I can make it happen with your input and help. Contact me. Team work! Angie
    P.S. You can do it! As Dale Carniege/Napoleon Hill quotes inspire you. You deserve it. Hit the bulls eye, If you want to be enthusiastic. Act enthusiastic.

  10. Conny Arvin /

    I am so hoping I can get to the Cadillac Club but my business is not going so well. But I am still trying!