AmeriPlan Leader Board and Pin Level Promotions February 2012

Mar 08

AmeriPlan Leader Board and Pin Level Promotions February 2012

AmeriPlan wants you to join in recognizing and congratulating our Top Producers of February 2012 and those that achieved a new higher Pin Level.

If you know any of these individuals give them a call or e-mail of congratulations. I am certain it will be appreciated.

AmeriPlan Leader Board February 2012


Top Member Enrollers

Brian Wright                          Tucson, AZ

Richard Manley                    Denver, Co

Kathleen Strooband             Orlando, FL

Kelly Fuller                            Carlsbad, CA

William Bertha                      Denver, Co

Sheridee Kinkade                Dallas, TX

John Slingsby                      Portland, OR

Janie & Michael Jones       Lakeway, TX

Larry Weinberg                     Denver, CO

Kristie Wooten                      Jacksonville, FL

Top IBO Enrollers  

Kathleen Strooband            Orlando, FL

Amy Jacobs                          Chicago, IL

Janie & Michael Jones       Lakeway, TX

Sallie Streck                          Merritt Island, FL

Kristie Wooten                     Jacksonville, FL

Charlene Muellenberg       New Mexico

Theresa Swendra                Minneapolis/St Paul

Larry Weinberg                    Denver, CO

Jayme Boyles                       Los Angeles, CA

Jeanette Brooks                   Ft Worth, TX

Susan Mc Bay                      Chicago, IL

Winifred Woody                 Philly/So Jersey

Michelle Stefferson            Long Island, NY

Percy Banks                         Richmond, VA

Fast Track RSDs

Chip Statham                       Newark, NJ               2

Cazzy Francis                      Houston, TX              2

Jeanette Brooks                   Ft Worth, TX              6

Jim Green                              Texas                         9

Kathy Masters                       Lewisville, TX           10

Brandon Baucom                Austin, TX                 12

Barbara Robards                  OKC, OK                    14

Jerry Mercer                          Kansas City              14

Ester Jones                           North Carolina          15

Nathaniel Brooks                 Austin, TX                 17

Neomi Hon                            Las Vegas, NV         20

Wanda Castleberry              San Antonio, TX      21

Steven Crumb                      New York                   23

K McLaughlin                       Austin, TX                 24

Neal Roggenkamp              Portland, OR             27

Barbara Stanislaus              Dallas, TX                  30

Deborah Belin                      Virginia                      30

Teresa Cisneros                   San Antonio, TX      30

Goeffrey Henry                     New York                   30

Don Gibbs                             St. Louis                    30

Pin Level Promotions February 2012

Senior Regional Sales Director (SRSD)

David Mathews                    Newark, NJ

Rosalind Perkins                 North Carolina

Executive Sales Director (ESD)   

Glen Davis                            Newark, NJ

Celeste Green

Please click on the links below to view and/or download the PDFs containing the leaders on our February Leader Board and those that promoted a Pin Level.

Download the PDF for the AmeriPlan Leader Board February 2012, click here.

Download the PDF for the Pin Level Promotions February 2012, click here.


  1. Congrulations to each and everyone of you.Keep up the good work.

  2. Awesome job leaders! Congratulations everyone!

  3. Congratulations to all of you!

  4. Congratulations!!

  5. Its wonderful to be a part of a company with integrity. What makes it that way are the people who run it and who work with it. Congratulations to all who were promoted. Continue the climb for success and may God bless you!!!

  6. Rose Stolarz /

    Congrats all!

  7. Winnie Woody /

    Great job guys and gals–let’s go go go!!:))

  8. Patrice Johnson /

    Congrats!! To everyone!