Exciting Announcements From The AmeriPlan National Convention

Jul 17

Exciting Announcements From The AmeriPlan National Convention

Dennis and Daniel Bloom announced an exciting promotion at our National Convention.  The promotion began July 16 and will run through August 31.  During the promotion every new $19.95 annual enrollment IBO with a Platinum Plus (regular price of $50 per month) membership attached will only pay $10 per month for the initial month and the first draft.  If they choose to purchase the Total Platinum (regular price $75 per month) membership, they will pay only $20 per month for the initial month and the first two (2) drafts.  After these drafts, the fee will increase to the regular monthly fee of $50 for the Platinum Plus and $75 for the Total Platinum.

Download the July – August promotion .PDF by clicking here or on the image below.

Dennis and Daniel Bloom made many exciting announcements this past week at our amazing National Convention.  They introduced a new product, the Ameriplan MD Plus, at an introductory price of only $14.95 per month for an entire household as well as introducing an exciting new Fast Track Program that will allow IBO’s to Fast Track to any pin level and earn great Fast Track bonuses, even if they did not Fast Track to a previous pin level.  The details on these exciting changes and other new information can be found in the new Corporate Review.

Download the new Corporate Review .PDF by clicking here or on the image below.

Download the New Fast Track Program .PDF by clicking here or on the image below.


  1. The Corporate Review, looks Great. Thanks

  2. Thank you! we love everything that was announced at convention.

    We are already seeing people increase their numbers. 🙂 It will be a fantastic summer!

    Thank you again.

  3. Lorene Brown-Watkins /

    I believe we have the best corporate staff on the planet!! Communication is the Key and you all are keeping us informed!!
    Thanks a Million!!

  4. This is even better than the promotion that I came in on. I am so excited to help my team members reach top levels and see their future with Ameriplan grow to new hieghts. Thank you Dennis and Daniel for giving everyone the chance to create a business that means more than just a Job, but a legacy for their families.

  5. Winnie Woody /

    You guys are the best–thanks for all the promotions, new product, bonuses and more ! wohooo!!!!

  6. Amy Pittman /

    I love our corporate staff! Thx for the Support! Let’s be like Bob the Builder! lolol

  7. Jeannie Zavala /

    This is such a great promo! Thank you!

  8. Thank you to everyone that made the convention possible. First of all thanks to God for putting the thought in Dennis and Daniels Heart.. Thanks to Dennis and Daniel for listening to his voice.. And thanks to everyone at corporate office in administration behind the scenes……. And may he Shower favor over the whole AmeriPlan Family.

  9. Avis Jackson /

    Thank You all for the these Great and wonderful promotion offers. They are both very benefical and exciting. I just wish these offers could last a little longer. This is a smash hit promotion offer to help build great business. Many Blessings to you all.