New Mobile Friendly AmeriPlan USA Website and Mobile Provider Search!

Sep 17

New Mobile Friendly AmeriPlan USA Website and Mobile Provider Search!

AmeriPlan is proud to announce the launch of our new mobile friendly website that includes the newly designed provider search on our mobile website, The new mobile website is optimized to be viewed on mobile phones and the mobile provider search makes locating AmeriPlan network healthcare professionals easier than ever before, where ever you are, conveniently from on your phone.

The mobile website is further enhanced by the incorporation of live-chat. With the click of a button a knowledgeable AmeriPlan Customer Support Representative is available to assist in the search for healthcare providers and to answer questions.

The mobile provider search enables quick access information about the AmeriPlan network healthcare professionals in the members’ area.  Three simple steps produce a complete and organized array of information.  Step 1: choose the general type of healthcare professional you are looking for.  Step 2: narrow the choices by choosing a sub-category. Step 3: enter a zip code.  The results are clean, concise and tailored to the needs of each individual.



  1. This is so exciting! I love the mobile friendly provider search concept and with the live chat it just covers all the bases. Thanks!

    • Malikah H. /

      WOW! This is great news! A great new tool for face to face presentations.

  2. This is going to help AmeriPlan, in general, as well as all of us in the field, to get name recognition across the country! It’s a known fact that today’s internet searches are happening more on mobile phones than from desktop or laptop computers, so thank you to all the Corporate staff for helping us compete!!

  3. This is awesome, I am so proud of Ameriplan for utilizing technology to reach and benefit people nationwide. Thank you.

  4. felecia R. Gibbs /

    I love it, & it comes in handy especially when I’m on the go, cause I always carry my laptop & Now I have a smartphone I can use that as well my laptop. thanx!!! AmeriPlan & Dennis & Daniel for this idea.

    Felecia Gibbs

  5. Janice J /