New National Sales Director – Jayme Boyles

Mar 02

New National Sales Director – Jayme Boyles

Jayme Boyles is AmeriPlan’s newest National Sales Director, achieving this distinction on March 1.  Jayme joined AmeriPlan in February 2008, and became part of the Millennium Club in 2011.  Jayme and her husband Steve, residents of Sun Valley, California, have two children, Adelina (age 4) and Adrien (age 2), and she has been able to stay at home with them while growing her business.

Jayme came to AmeriPlan in 2008 with no previous experience in Network Marketing, and she states that she struggled some at the beginning but stayed consistent working part-time from home.  Jayme attributes a positive attitude and maintaining her faith in her business to her success.  The most important advice she would give to a new IBO is to make a one year commitment to the business and to stop “trying” and start “doing.”  She feels that when she made that commitment to herself, her business began to grow and she became more successful.

Jayme earned a Top Producer Trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, in 2009 but she had to decline the trip due to the birth of her son, and she then qualified and accepted a Top Producer Trip to Colorado Springs, CO in 2010.  Jayme’s upline includes SESD (and VERY soon-to-be NSD) Maria Rappa and NSD, Kristie Wooten.  When asked about Jayme, Kristie stated, “I am so proud of Jayme for reaching National Sales Director!  She set her goal and stayed laser focused on it until it was done. She is an amazing leader and truly deserves this prestigious title!”

Jayme says she plans to qualify for the AmeriPlan Cadillac Club soon and is working towards that goal in the near future.  She has a passion for helping others achieve their goals and dreams.  Jayme’s desire is to help her organization grow and see her team succeed.  She enjoys helping new people and helping them develop a passion for growing their business and becoming successful.


  1. Leigh Ann Levy /

    Congrats to the best enroller I could ever ask for!!!!! 🙂

  2. YEA Jayme!!!! So proud of you lady!!!!

  3. Debra Sweeney /

    Congratulations Jamie!! You are really carving out a fantastic future for you and your family! Hope to see you at convention. God Bless you, your family and your business!

  4. Congrats Jayme. You are such an inspiration to us all. I learn so much from you on nearly a daily basis. I am very blessed to be a part of such a wonderful company and our Freedom at Home Family.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS JAYME! I am so very happy for you! You are very deserving of this promotion! Shoot for the Stars, the Sky is the limit! You are a great leader!

  6. Jayme,

    I am so proud of you!! You deserve it so much. I am so glad you introduced me to this business.

  7. Jayme, you are a superstar and we are so proud of you!
    We know that you have two little ones at home and I know it’s not always easy building a business while attending to your little ones.

    You are living proof that even if you don’t have alot of time, you can STILL reach NSD and BEYOND. There is plenty of room at the top for everyone who cares to get there. All it takes is consistent work and small baby steps.

    Your drive and commitment as well as your passion to work with your team is what makes you such a strong leader.

    Congratulations on your NSD promotion. Next stop is the Cadillac! We know you will get it done by convention 🙂 wooohoo!

    Your super proud NVP’s,

    Janie & Michael

  8. Pat Hall /

    Jayme, this is an awesome accomplishment! Can’t wait to see your recognition at the convention.

  9. WOW Guys, SO very touching!! Thank YOU ALL for your kind words!

    It truly is an honor to be a National Sales Director with this amazing company! I am thrilled to see my team members and faht members posting here, I wouldn’t be here without you guys!

    It definitely has not been an easy road for me with young kids at home, but the obstacles and challenges are just bumps in the road, they are so minor in the grand scheme of things. What matters is I DECIDED to be successful and to offer value to others and enrich their lives, that is why I am here, because I love what I do!

    Can’t wait to see more NSD promotions posted here!!

  10. Marilyn McGahee /

    What a fantastic accomplishment!You brought me into the fold a week ago and it’s wonderful to see that I have a blessed and prosperous person to guide me. CONGRATS!!!

  11. James Beach /


    Congratulations on your NSD!!

    I am very proud of your accomplishments, and look forward to your continued future growth in AmeriPlan.
    Go Go Go

    James Beach, NVP

  12. Jayme, Congratulations on a job well done! Especially with little ones. You are fabulous!!See you at Convention!!!