New National Sales Director Patti Triplett

Mar 21

New National Sales Director Patti Triplett

March has been an amazing month for AmeriPlan, and we are pleased to introduce another new National Sales Director, Patti Triplett, who became NSD on March 9.  Patti started with AmeriPlan in August 2006 and became Regional Sales Director in two months.  Patti is a single mom and has three kids that reside with her in Mansfield, OH, Kasey (17), Reed (13) and Logan (7).  AmeriPlan has allowed Patti to work from home and grow her residual check while raising her kids.

When Patti became an IBO with AmeriPlan, she had no previous experience with Network Marketing and had worked in payroll at a factory and as a delivery driver for a news journal.  She says she struggled at the beginning, and it took her many calls before she enrolled her first member and IBO; however, she kept going and did not quit.  When asked what advice she would give to new IBOs, Patti said it is important to plug into your team and enroller, to set goals and most importantly to not quit, no matter what.  She credits her success to remaining consistent, being involved in her team and to her leaders who provided her with training, encouragement and support.

Patti received the ACE award as a top producer with AmeriPlan in 2008 and earned a Top Producer Trip to Colorado Springs, CO in 2010.  Patti’s up-line is National Sales Director, Kristie Wooten.  When asked about Patti’s success, Kristie stated, “Patti is such an example of what hard work, dedication and commitment will do for your business.  She leads with her heart and with a giving spirit, and now she is being rewarded with this very special title.  I am so happy for her!”

Patti’s goals are to earn a new Cadillac as part of the Cadillac Club, to increase her residual income and to help her team achieve promotions and earn as many incentives as possible.  Patti is truly a selfless person who wants to see others succeed, and we are proud and excited to have her as our newest National Sales Director.



  2. Debra Sweeney /


    Congratulations! Your smile says it all! Prayers coming your way for continued success in the future for you and your family!! God bless.

  3. Pat Hall /

    Patti, what an inspiring story. I look forward to getting to know you. See you in Dallas!!

  4. Go Patti Go! So proud of you lady!

  5. Congrats Patti,keep up the good work.Even though I don’t know you. I’m proud of you.

  6. SO happy for you Patti! You’re an amazing leader and you deserve this success!

  7. Sonya Underwood Wilson /

    I am so happy for you, I know I have told you that several times but it is true. Can’t wait till we can celebrate together in Dallas.

  8. Jackie /

    Wow! Way to go… Woo-hoo… Congrats and thank you for inspiring me to keep working hard. Thanks for sharing your “why” with so many of us women who are looking for the freedom of working from home. The freedom to have time do things with our children. The freedom to work from home and not make up excuses for why I need a vacation. Thank you so much for being an inspiration in my life. I am so happy for you.

  9. WooHoo Congrats!! Patti you are truly an inspiration to us all. Your hows and whys are so right on to what it takes to be successful and helps us all to envision making these accomplishments ourselves. Well Done and much deserved!!

  10. Beth Craven /

    Congratulations Patti!

    I am so happy for you! You definitely deserve it!

  11. Kelly Fuller /

    CHECK OUT THE NEW NSD!!!! Love it. You are such a leader, all of Ameriplan will benefit from your new title!

  12. Patrice Johnson /

    Congrats Patti love your story!! You are truly an inspiration.

  13. Theresa Dosch /

    Congratulations, Patti! To all of us on the FAHT, you have always been a NSD!!! Now, you have the TITLE to proof it! You are a true leader, team player and inspiration to all of us! Up, up and away from here!

  14. Arely Flores /

    Congrats Patti! NVP around the corner!

  15. CONGRATULATIONS PATTI! So very happy for you! You deserve this title! 🙂

  16. Patti;

    I’m just getting started, and reading about your inspirational story will help in my years ahead. May God continue to bless you, and your family.

  17. Charles Williams /

    Hi Patti,Congratulations!on making NSD and I know you will continue to keep moving forward. Nice Patti. Charles Williams

  18. Patti, You did an awesome job!! Congratulations! See you at Convention.