AmeriPlan Monday Conference Call With Founders Dennis And Daniel Bloom

Nov 20

AmeriPlan Monday Conference Call With Founders Dennis And Daniel Bloom

Don’t miss out on today’s 3 pm Monday Conference Call with Dennis and Danial Bloom.

Our goal is to get as many BCs on the call to stay Connected and Informed with all the latest AmeriPlan Promotions, Business Ops and Corporate News!

So please join us on our Weekly Conference Call. This is a great way to hear the latest from the AmeriPlan Founders Directly!

So Get Connected and Be On This Call!

Join The Call!
3 PM Challenge Call w/AmeriPlan Founders Dennis & Daniel Bloom

Phone: 712-432-3066
Conference Call Code: 943026

And remember, if you miss the Monday Conference Call, you can always hear the recorded call the following day when we post the Call Code.

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  1. Levi Garcia /

    I planned to attend the conference call but i had to pay per minute since it said that the call was out of my range, i have never heard of that. Either way, is there an archive to conference calls?

    • Hello Levi.

      That does sound strange. I passed that along to Joseph Kerr and see why there was a charge.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Michael,
    3pm call what time in eastern time, Massachusetts. The old system I Han no problem.

    • Hello Janice.

      Sorry for not responding sooner. When Corporate lists a time, its always CST, not sure what time Mass. is in, but please, always contact BC Support by phone or use our Online Chat.

      Corporate is here to HELP YOU!

      BC Support: (469) 229-4501 opt. 3
      Monday thru Thursday 8 am to 5 pm
      Friday 8 am to 4 pm
      Central Time Zone

      PLEASE USE OUR ONLINE CHAT for quick response! Works best!

      You can find our Online Chats on either of the three Corporate websites!


      Mobile Site
      AmeriPlan Opportunity

      Mobile Site
      Save With Discount Healthcare

      Not A Mobile Site
      AmeriPlan Corporate


    Hi I’m Julia Lewin BC in San Antonio Tx.and I also got that recording of a charge per min.since I was out of range ?

    • Hello Julia,

      I contacted Gabe Flores, Director of Customer Service to help with this issue.


  4. natasha facey /

    Is there still a meeting today?

  5. natasha facey /

    I also got the charge per minute message for call being out of range.

    • Hi Natasha.

      This is Michael with AmeriPlan IT. I am not aware of any per minute charge cost on our Monday Conference Calls. I am checking for VP of Sales to see if this issues has come up before.

      Let me check and see and I will place a response soon.


  6. Jaime Santiago /

    Thank you, I am awared of the conference call at 3: 00 pm. I joined last month so far this stage is doing different promotion of the business.

    Facebook, Tweeter and Craiglist plus trying to get new recruits at the retail academy.

    It’s a hard market to deal with plus the competition hedge in new generation of new sales people lean on affiliate or online marketing.

    Overall it’s a great plan, but no such thing people call the BC, I find my own leads painstakingly?


    Jaime Santiago


    When you send me a message it has already begun… I need information sooner so I can get on call. We’re on EST which is an hour later than you…

    • Hello Alicia,

      I apologizes for the delay text alert regarding the Monday Conference Call, but the service we use was having issues getting the text out in a timely manner. Sometimes it cannot be helped. We have 4000+ text in our ALL BC list, so all the numbers on the list have to go through their system, and that at times, creates delay.

      Please know that the Monday Conference Call happens EVERY MONDAY at the same time, 3 PM CST, calling in the same number 712-432-3066 and using the same calling code 943026.

      You can also check the AmeriPlan Events Calendar on the Opportunity site, the Corporate site and it’s also linked on the AmeriPlan APP.

      And, as an alternative, we record ALL Conference Calls that is posted on this blog, shared on the AmeriPlan Corp FB page and the AmeriPlan Team FB Group.

      Hope this helps.

      Thanks again,

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