Testimonial by Jayme Boyles

Jan 02

Testimonial by Jayme Boyles

My name is Jayme Boyles and I am a Senior Executive Sales Director (very close to National Sales Director) with AmeriPlan.  I am also a mother to two young beautiful children that are my main reason WHY I chose to work at home.  I have been with AmeriPlan for four amazing years and feel beyond blessed to be apart of such a life changing company and to be home with my kids full time!

I tried many things before I started working from home with AmeriPlan that never panned out.  It took me months to find a real, service based Company and I just knew when I found it, this was IT!!  My mother had even been a Dental Member for 10 years before I joined, so I KNEW it was all about helping people!

I have learned so much on my journey, and really feel that I have only just begun.  The main thing I have learned is to be true to yourself!  Don’t ever let someone tell you you can’t do something!  You have to follow your own path and your heart and if you want something, GO GET IT!  Period!

Thank you AmeriPlan!!