AmeriPlan Reduces Billing Cost Threshold For MED Plus And Deluxe Plus Users

Feb 08

AmeriPlan Reduces Billing Cost Threshold For MED Plus And Deluxe Plus Users

Great News To Report From AmeriPlan!!!

As always, we at AmeriPlan are always looking for ways to enhance the value of the AmeriPlan experience. One of the strongest elements to our Med Plus and Deluxe Plus health benefit plans is that of Hospital and Health Advocacy and Bill Negotiation. This is one of the components of our plans where we have saved our members thousands and thousands of dollars.

As you may know, the minimum threshold for our provider to engage in the process has been at least $2,500 in billing from the healthcare provider. The great news is that, as a result of our ever-increasing purchasing and negotiating power, we have been able to renegotiate the threshold minimum to only $1,500. This includes past bills also. That opens the door to saving much, much more money for many more of our members.

Keep this in mind when presenting these plans to your prospects and use this as a tool to get back with existing members.

Saving You Money One Household At A Time!


  1. That’s AWESOME!! Thank you, Ameriplan, Dennis and Daniel Bloom, for always having the customers’ best interest at heart.

  2. Yes I am so proud to say we are a part of AmeriPlan.

    Feel free to check out our mission statement and all that we stand for.

  3. Dr. Taffy Wagner /

    Thank you Dennis and Daniel. This is FANTASTIC news. Love the way Ameriplan is looking out for people.

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