Discount Healthcare Plans!

Mar 21

Discount Healthcare Plans!


A Strong Case for the Use of Discount Healthcare Plans!

The introduction and proliferation of High Deductible Health Plans, particularly in connection to the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) was supposed to encourage the utilization of those health plans by the people that need them the most. Recent studies have indicated that they have done just the opposite. Because of the higher out-of-pocket demands that these plans have created, many of the insured are passing on accessing lower cost medical procedures, even though they may be necessary or at least advisable.

With that fact in mind, it would be important to explore the use of discount healthcare plans which don’t have any deductible and reduce the cost of these procedure by as much as 80% or more. These discount plans which are very affordable can easily more than pay for themselves in saving, and make it more likely that the insured will utilize the lower cost medical procedures that may be recommended by their physicians. It would usually apply to lab tests, imaging and other lower cost procedures.

While discount healthcare plans are often seen as a replacement for unaffordable health insurance, they can also fit into an overall protocol when dealing with the High Deductible Health Plans that have become the norm. Combining a discount healthcare plan with a traditional health insurance plan can often enable the lowering of health insurance premium because of the higher deductible plan being less expensive.

The best recommendation is to be educated and to check them out.