Third quarter update

Jun 22


Dennis and Daniel are very pleased to announce the formation of the AmeriPlan Eastern Division and the AmeriPlan Western Division to better serve our Benefit Consultants.

The Eastern Division will be headed by National Vice President Loren Brown – Watkins and Kenny Watkins, the Western Division will be spearheaded by National Vice President Lionel Burks, Sr.

They will be holding regular Business Briefings and training calls to help you with recruiting and building your business and your income.

Take every opportunity to utilize their talents and experience to grow your business. It helps to learn from the best!



If paying $5.00 or more for a gallon of gas and who knows how much for the other items on your shopping list does not get your attention, who knows what will.

Well, most of us are in the same boat. We don’t have the ability to grow our income at the rate that prices are going up. If we are on a fixed income it is almost hopeless to keep up.

If this is not the perfect storm of opportunity for recruiting new Benefit Consultants, then I don’t know what is. AmeriPlan is the PERFECT HEDGE AGAINST INFLATION, but it does not help anyone if the message is not delivered to as many people as you can.

You may be the only link between your friends and family being able to pay their monthly expenses or facing dire financial circumstances…

Share you message and help a friend!!!




Heads up!!!

Well don’t start barking up the wrong tree while looking for an upcoming announcement. You don’t have nine -lives to take advantage of the purrfect opportunity coming your way.

AmeriPlan has been doggedly at work to provide you with more tools to work with. You won’t have to dig up buried bones to find out what is on the horizon,

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