AmeriPlan Social Media Workshop Webinars

Jul 10

AmeriPlan Social Media Workshop Webinars

Social Media Workshop Webinars

In response to many requests from our Benefit Consultants, we have made arrangements with one of the foremost Social Media Training Organizations in the country to create a four one-hour session webinar series.  This training is designed to make you aware of the different Social Media Internet tools available to you, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Linkedin and more. You will be shown how to maximize the opportunity that each one presents for you to build your AmeriPlan business on the Internet.

The training will be practical and functional for you to be able to effectively, efficiently and economically use these Internet resources to build your AmeriPlan business and your income.  We will be offering this Webinar series for you to participate in, if you wish.  Normally, the cost of each of these one-hour sessions is $97.00, so the total of these four one-hour sessions would run $388.00.

Because we have had such a demand for this type of Social Media training and because we want you to be able to access it affordably, we are offering the complete series for only $99.95. You may have the option of paying for it all upfront, or we will charge $19.99 per month to your trust account for five months, it’s your call.

If you are interested in enrolling in this AmeriPlan Internet Social Media Webinar Series, please send an email to:  Please let us have your name, BC ID# and email address.  Also, please indicate if you wish to pay for it up-front or if you are going to want it charged to your trust account.

You are not registering at this point and are not making a financial commitment.  We are just trying to get a head count of how many BCs are interested in participating, should we ultimately offer this series.

Once we tabulate the responses and assess how much interest there is in this program, we will let you know what the timetable is for implementation and at that time we will establish a registration process.

Attached you will find an outline of the content of the webinar series.

Webinar 1: Personal Branding and Online Professional Positioning

Building relationships that lead to conversions takes time. The faster you establish yourself as an industry expert, the better. We’ll teach participants how to:

• Define a clear brand based on your strengths to draw people to you.

• Design a strong brand that is credible and believable, making you the expert.

• Deliver your brand online with leading social media tools.

In the case of AmeriPlan, face-to-face and relationship-based sales have been the bread and butter. While that process has largely moved into the digital world for most industries, it’s still possible to make those types of connections through an online presence. This presentation will enable you and your team to put the brand out there, establish their credentials, and promote the product while keeping a finger on the pulse of building and maintaining relationships, and following up with prospects.

Webinar 2: Facebook Fundamentals for Sales

Personal profiles offer only a fraction of Facebook Business Manager. Mastering he functionality within it is the key to connecting with the right audiences on Facebook Participants will learn:

• How to create and effectively Business Manager

• How to grow your presence

• Best practices customized for the industry

Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 2 BILLION members. Simply posting won’t reach the intended audience. You’ve got to have a proper set-up and strategy in place plus a knowledge of the tools to build that audience and have your messaging delivered to them. This session will empower the participants to use Facebook as part of their sales process in nurturing leads and converting.

Webinar 3: LinkedIn for Connecting and Growing a Network of Prospective Clients

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms for business, yet not often used to its full potential. Participants will learn:

• How to create a stand-out profile that encourages others to connect with you

• Best practices customized for the industry

• How to build a network of connections consisting of people, and strategies for connecting with those you don’t

• Participation Opportunity – We’ll ask participants to share what they’ve implemented and tag Boot Camp Digital for evaluation and feedback

A high-quality network will provide exponential results IF your profile and messaging is a right fit for LinkedIn. This session will teach participants how to properly set-up and utilize their LinkedIn presence in a way that drives success.

Webinar 4: Optimizing for Real Results

In this final webinar in the series, we’ll cover pro-tips for taking your social media success to the next level with training on:

Creating outstanding content:

• Effectively writing for online communication

• Video best practices

• We’ll also pull participant examples from those shared with us after the previous webinar for discussion and demonstration.

You can post all day long on social media, but if the content isn’t great, the reach and engagement will suffer. This session will equip participants with the tools and strategies they need to create content that’s visually pleasing and concise, while still featuring their voice.