Sep 16


TESTIMONIALS – The secret to success!

Are you looking for a foolproof tool to build your AmeriPlan Business?

If so, do not overlook the impact of testimonials. Whether a testimonial on the great AmeriPlan benefits and how members have saved hundreds or even thousands of dollars, or the positive impact of being an AmeriPlan Benefit Consultant.

AmeriPlan Benefit Programs have 28 years of experience and a Better Business Bureau A+ rating. These programs have been used by millions of members who have saved millions of dollars. You represent the finest discount health plans available.

Ask for testimonials from members and benefit consultants. Ask them to submit them in writing or to do a short “selfie” video with their SmartPhone. Send the testimonials to sales@ameriplanusa.com.

While you are at it, send us a short personal testimonial of your personal AmeriPlan story. This can be savings that you or a family member has realized, services or treatments that were exceptional or the rewards of being a Benefit Consultant.

The best testimonials could very well be yours!