New AmeriPlan Plus Comp Presentation Video

Jul 13

New AmeriPlan Plus Comp Presentation Video

Introducing the NEW AmeriPlan PLUS Compensation Plan Presentation.

Here is a short video presentation that should help you to understand and be able to share with your prospects the excitement of AmeriPlan PLUS.

The incredible AmeriPlan Business Opportunity has, after more than twenty-five years, become even better. It is now easier to advance in the Compensation Plan, to improve your pin level and your earning potential, and to make MORE MONEY, both up-front and ongoing residual income. 

Take the time to watch this several times…it is less than seven minutes and can change your life. Then take the time to share this with your prospects and show them how they can make money with AmeriPlan PLUS using this simple formula. Share it on your website and Social Media. Put it to work for you!

We are going to see you at the top!

To Download this video, go to your Back Office, log on and click the eKITS link. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the blue AmeriPlan Plus Compensation Presentation bar. Here you can view or download the mp4 file.

To share this video from the AmeriPlan You Tube Channel, Copy & Paste and use this link.


New AmeriPlan Comp Presentation