eKIT Downloads: Your New Training Tools Resources Member Guides Now In Your Back Office Lite!

Sep 10

eKIT Downloads: Your New Training Tools Resources Member Guides Now In Your Back Office Lite!

With the new September 1st roll out we have added and continue to add new features and training tools in your Back Office Lite all clearly listed in your eKIT Downloads. Lets get familiar!

Once you have logged on to your AmeriPlanOpportunity.com corporate site, CLICK the eKIT link in the menu. Here you will find SEVEN expandable tables with many clickable DOWNLOADS.

Brochures: Here you will find two versions of the New AmeriPlan Products; Dental Plus, MED Plus & Combo Pack. The ‘Display’ version is a smaller size for easy viewing on your smart phone or tablet. The ‘Download’ is a large version for printing and sharing with your prospects.

*NOTE: The brochures are basic quick reference product guides. The Member Guides have the complete detailed product info.

Applications: For handwritten applications, we have provided four apps that can be easily printed or sent to your prospects. Independent Business Owner Agreement, Dental Plus app, MED Plus app and Combo Pack app.

Resources: In this section you will find several informative forms, provider flyers & brochures and a few voice recorded conference calls by key IBOs. New items will be added, so check back and follow the AmeriPlan Blog for the latest updates.

Policy/Members Guides: The three AmeriPlan Member Guides have complete information about the product, how to use it, disclosures, billing and service info and the AmeriPlan Guarantee. Very Important for ALL IBOs to read and understand each Member Guide to help sell the product. The more you know, the better you will sell!

The IBO Polices and Procedures Guide is the IBOs Bible. It contains every aspect of AmeriPlan rules and regulations. A MUST READ! Please get familiar with all details, ask questions and get answers! You will also find all the AmeriPlan USA contact info such as; corporate phone numbers, administration business hours, our mission statement and much, much more. Easily displayed with a Table Of Content for quick references to questions you may have. if you cannot find your answer, PLEASE contact IBO Support at:

IBO Support: (469) 229-4501 opt. 3
Monday thru Thursday 8 am to 5 pm
Friday 8 am to 4 pm
Central Time Zone

Approved Ads: The four sample ads are to help the IBO with basic copy references. They are created for the IBO to use in various promotions, ads or on flyers. One is for Opportunity, one is for Membership, the third is a dental Flyer and the forth is a Full Color Dental Flyer High Resolution Download.

*NOTE: Some of the ads are written depend on the rules and compliance that are set state by state. Even if AmeriPlan is accepted in any particular state, there are certain ad copy that need to be followed. Any questions you may have contact IBO Support.

Fee Schedule: In this section you will find four Fee Schedules that display dental procedures & services, member fees, office visit fees, savings and important info all members will need and should know. As the IBO, your understanding of the Fee Schedule is vital to selling the AmeriPlan Dental Plus Product. Have questions? Call IBO Support!

Tools & Training: This is the FIRST SECTION all IBOs should start soon after they have signed up with AmeriPlan! The information we have listed is critical for ALL IBOs to read, study, apply and learn! From the Corporate Review to learning how to Create a Conversation… the tools and training are vital teaching instruments for ALL IBOs. You also have a PDF of the Free Prescription Card which you can fill out and give to your prospect. Marketing ideas, business briefings, flipchart, Pot-O-Gold Presentation, Memory Jogger and a How To for using your Texting and Video Tools from your new Landing Page. Cannot express enough how IMPORTANT this section is! If you have any questions, please Contact IBO Support at:

IBO Support: (469) 229-4501 opt. 3
Monday thru Thursday 8 am to 5 pm
Friday 8 am to 4 pm
Central Time Zone


New Items & Feature will be added as time goes on. Please follow the AmeriPlan Blog for all new updates. Your comments, suggestions and feedback is appreciated!





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    Thank You!! Very useful and easy access!!

  2. Avatar
    Doreen A. Parrella /

    Trying to get set up isn’t as easy as I thought. I still haven’t received my membership cards. Hoping things start to move quicker.

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    Thank you…it keeps getting better and better, not to mention a lot simpler.

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      Thank You Carole.

      Yes, our goal is to make things easier for the IBO and member. Lots more to come.


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    Chalese /

    This does seem to be very useful. Getting started is a bit more complicated than I thought, but this is definitely helpful! Thanks!

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      Thanks Chalese.

      Please keep checking back as we are adding new features and old items from the Original Back Office.

      Several new items were added last night in the Commissions and Rewards Section. I will blog about them later on this morning!