AmeriPlan Valentine’s Bonus Promotion

Jan 31

AmeriPlan Valentine’s Bonus Promotion

AmeriPlan Valentine’s Bonus Promotion

Beginning FEBRUARY 1st and ending FEBRUARY 11th @ 5pm Central Standard Time, you can earn a $100 Bonus by getting 10 points in 10 days!

  • Earn 2 points for each Member Dental Plus, MED Plus!
  • Earn 4 points for each   memberships or Traditional Benefit Consultants that you enroll!
  • Earn 8 points for each Jump Start Benefit Consultant that you enroll!

Any combination that adds up to 10 points or more, will earn you an AmeriPlan $100 Valentine’s Bonus… that’s it… simple… easy!

Valentine's Day Bonus

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    I can’t afford Ameriplan. It’s to expensive for me. Thank you from Carlos Williams

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    I just need clarity. When you say 4 points for each memberships, is that referring to the Deluxe Plus membership?

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    We the Powers and Associates Enterprises, team have been with AmeriPlan for over 4 years and We love and appreciate all that they do to help Millions save, Earn and achieve in life.
    Come to one of our TAM Meeting
    Nationwide. See here and shake hands