Congratulations To AmeriPlan Benefit Consultants Reaching New Heights And Earning Bonuses

Aug 03

Congratulations To AmeriPlan Benefit Consultants Reaching New Heights And Earning Bonuses


WOW! So many of our AmeriPlan Benefit Consultants are reaching new heights and are earning bonuses and winning awards. We are very proud to share this information with you so that you can take a moment to congratulate them. No one ever gets tired of being acknowledged for their accomplishments…

Here are just some of the achievements realized in June and July…

Presidents Club:

$50,000 – Cathy Caneiro

$25,000 – Rafael Olmos

Cadillac Club

Cathy Caneiro

Jump Start Club

Ruby Medal of Honor:

Porsche Brice, Margie Lynn Saturino, Kathleen Strooband, Veronica Kent, Susan Laugen, Micaela Saenz, Michelle Shipp, Rufa Rosales

Sapphire Medal of Honor:

LeAnn Kinsey, Terri Medine, Kelly O’Donnell

Diamond Medal of Honor and $2,500 Bonus

Lionel Burks, Cathy Caneiro, Janie Jones, Kristie Degraw

Centennial Club

$2,500 Bonus:

Clayton & Ella Pinkins, Lionel Burks, Kristie Degraw, Kelly O’Donnell, and Aaron Price

Jump Start Bonuses

Super Star:

Veronica Kent

All Start and Super Star

Margie Lynn Saturino


Jump Start Bonus Checks

Yolanda Anderson

Gina Barros

Sheila         Bennett

Kerry Bien-Aime

Cathy         Black

Kimberley Blessing

Delane Bracken

Porsche Brice

Kelley         Bright

Susan         Brown

Lorene Brown-Watkins

Lionel         Burks

Cathy         Caneiro

Zyykirrah Casado

Kathryn Coddington

Martin Corza

Kristie         DeGraw

Sharon Devonish-Leid

Michele Dickson

Sarah         Dillulio

Ida Duncan

Fatima Epson

Shirley Galinato

Denise Hargrove

Benjamin Hernandez Jr

Janice         Hinds

Rotonya Jackson

Janie & Michael Jones

Veronica Kent

LeAnn         Kinsey

Susan         Laugen

Gwen         Lucas

Gritzel Luna

Anthony Marrinucci

Micheal Mcluty

Terri Medine

Jeannie Millsap

Shanna Nelson

Mary Nguyen

Raymond Norwood

Kelly O’Donnell

Donna Pappert

Caroline Parsons

Rosalind Perkins

Elsa Peterson

Dorothy Powers

Maria         Rappa

Rufa Rosales

Karl Ryans

Yolanda Saddler

Micaela Saenz

Marveluz Salonga

Margie Lynn         Saturnio

Mary Schmidt

Shari Scott Reese

Michelle Shipp

Gary Sims

Rachel Slaton

Tiffany Sloan

Mary Staton

Kathleen Strooband

Theresa Swendra

Lori Taylor

Plaridel Tiamzon

Shannon Vargas

Gail Wack

Shawna-Kay         Walker

Lois Williams

Olivia Zalameda



  1. Kelly O'Donnell /

    LOVE LOOKING AT A LIST LIKE THIS! Nice work EVERYONEEEEE!!!!! Keep the names coming!

  2. NICE!! Love this…

  3. I am so thankful for the AmeriPlan opportunity. I have worked very hard in other home businesses only to fail. With AmeriPlan failure is not an option. If I do the work I will get paid! Thank you Dennis and Daniel for this amazing opportunity. I may not be there with the big dogs yet, but I am on my way! 🙂